Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rotary Tiller

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Rotary tiller is also known as rototiller & rotavator.

Rotating tines or blades turn the soil around.

To keep the machine from moving forward too fast, an adjustable tine is fixed just behind the blades so that through friction with deeper un-tilled soil, it acts as a brake, slowing the machine and allowing it to pulverize the soils. The slower a rototiller moves forward, the more soil tilth can be obtained.

Rototilling is much faster than manual tilling, but notoriously difficult to handle and exhausting work, especially in the heavier and higher horse power models. If the rototiller's blades catch on unseen sub-surface objects, such as tree roots and buried garbage, it can cause the rototiller to abruptly and violently move in any direction.

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