Friday, June 20, 2008

Palm Info

Ok you guys might be getting bored with me adding just these pictures which are information pamplets but since i am unwell i cant do any writeups. so sorry. hope this helps.

Agro India VCDs & DVDs

Agro India takes out various VCDs & DVDs related to agriculture. They are available from a nominal price of 99/- to 250/- and in various Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Gujrathi including English.
A list of available VCDs and DVDs along with address/contact of Agro India.

Banana Tissue culture plantation

Here is information in Marathi about how to set up a plantation from tissue cultured banana.
Planting, Soil selection, irrigation, use of fertilisers, diseases and pests on banana and their prevention.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hibiscus Info

Hibiscus (commonly known as the shoe-flower here) lovers can rejoice. Various varities of the flower were on display at the Pune agro fair and the author also recieved a card wherein the plants are available.

More Info about Hibiscus

Monday, June 16, 2008


India's largest Agri show
held from 12-16 Dec 07, at Pune

I visited the fair on the last day that is on Sunday the 16th of December 2007. The entry fee was a nominal Rs. 20/- Since i hadnt taken my camera along i couldnt take any pictures. The fair grounds were not in Pune proper but bus services had been provided to ferry the farmers and interested persons to the place. The fair was indeed big. Some farmers and fertiliser/equipment sellers who did not get a stall or perhaps couldnt afford were selling or advertising their stuff outside the fair perimeter.

One thing to please note at agri fairs is that be systematic in your approach. since there are many stalls it can lead to confusion. From books, agricultural equipment, tractors, irrigation systems to high tech software and climate control systems, and solar panels to plant varieties were on sale and or display.
What the author saw at the exhibition:
Tissue cultured varieties of sugarcane, bananas, ginger, turmeric. Hybrid seeds, floriculture.

Tissue culture nursery samples.

Irrigation Equiment:
PVC pipes for pumps. Drippers. Filters. Sprinklers. Sprayers. Pump sets. Dripline. Button drip. Fertilizer pump.

Agricultural Equiment:
Tractors. Walking Power Tiller used for ploughing, sowing, spraying, pumping, harvesting and towing. Seeding Trays. Pro Tray. Cocopit. Fogging machine.Seperator. rice mills. Seed cleaner-grader. Thresher.

plant growers, nutrients. organic nutrients made from neem. organic pesticides.

Herbal Medicines. Jams.

Solar Equipment:
Solar water heaters, solar energy power generation systems (SEPOGS). Solar pressure cookers. solar LEDs. solar home lighting systems. solar LEDs for fothpath lamps. solar LED Torchs. Solar mobile charger. solar garden light. solar LED bulbs. solar E-bike with charger panel

Specialised Equipments:

a) Greenhouse Products:
Wall ropes for Greenhouse plants. Green house films, ground Covers. Net Connectors & Trellising Products. Thermo reflective screens and shednets. Growing Containers Substrate. Air Circulators, Coolnet, Spinnet for climate control. Dripnet P.C. , PCJ Dripper, Aquanet for Irrigation.Dosing & Control systems. N.M.C. Controller.

b) Others
Silk Worm propogation units. Agro Packaging products

Farming and I.T.:

Reuters Market Lite
Market watch, weather and information regarding farming (news & crop adise) via sms straight to the farmer's mobile phone. India's first and only such service.

Karjat Rice Research Centre

Photographs of the Pradeshik Krishi Sanshodhan Kendra, Karjat.
Deals in Regional Rice Research. Various samples of rice are planted here and improved varities are developed through research.

Pradeshik Krushi Sanshodhan Kendra, Karjat

Image 7 : paper07

Image 6 : paper06

Image 5: paper05

Image 4 :paper04

Image 3: paper03

Image 2: paper02
Image 1: paper01
Improved Rice Plantation Technique
Dr. Balasaheb Kokan Agricultural Research Centre (regional) in Karjat which the author had visited in 2007. It primarily deals in rice research.
The author spoke to Prof. Dr. Ramesh Kunkerkar who had loads of information to share about rice cultivation. The professor presented the author with an information paper in Marathi which i will now upload for everyone's benefit.