Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cycle operated water-lifting pump

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Cycle operated water-lifting pump

While i was exploring the grounds, i also saw the greatly innovative "cycle operated water-lifting pump".

A little boy was operating it effortlessly!

The pump has been invented by Vikram Rathore, a small tribal farmer from Narsapur village, Utnoor Mandal, Adilabad in Andhra Pradesh.

For this iinovation he has also won an award from the National Innovation Foundation.

"This is a centrifugal water pump which is run by rotating the pedal of a cycle. The system comprises a bicycle, rim, beltpulley, impeller and inlet and delivery pipes. A bare rim replaces the rear wheel of the bicycle. The rim is connected to another pulley with a smaller diameter. The supporting shaft of the smaller pulley carries another rim for second stage speed increment. The shaft also carries a flywheel to increase momentum of the system. The final supporting shaft is connected with an impeller that rotates at high speed and pumps water. The power (energy) generated through this process of pedaling is used to lift the water and push the water from a pipe into the farm for cultivation. This innovation is useful for pumping water from rivers, ponds, wells and similar water sources thus enabling poor farmers for pumping water for irrigation and cultivation."

As described on N.I.F. site. Kindly visit their website:


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