Sunday, January 6, 2008

Profitable Indian Agriculture

This is one search term "profitable Indian agriculture" that has being drawing a visitor(s) to my blog.

Well the short answer is there are no shortcuts to profit, atleast not in agriculture. You can only push so much. If you plan on planting some crop it will take its time to grow. That's the way nature is.

Anyways if you would like to know some profitable areas they could be these: Floriculture, horticulture. Flowers in green houses especially roses and other exotic varieties are much in demand both here and in India, but you will need infrastructure, quality and certification especially for exports.

Exotic and foreign vegetables like broccoli, capsicum, asparagus etc are in high demand abroad, in India's top hotels and they have also been now introduced in Indian markets now.

Apart from that food processing is a very good sector.

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